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Premium metal creations
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My Box by Massilly offers full solutions for your metal packaging projects: outstanding tailor-made designs, on time, on budget, delivered by France's leading metal packaging manufacturer.


  • 01/4/2013
    Nouveau canister LA CHABLISIENNE , fait par Massilly

  • 01/4/2013
    MY BOX BY MASSILLY sera présent au salon MUSEUM EXPRESSIONS , porte de Versailles , 16&17 janvier

  • 01/4/2013
    MASSILLY a été retenue par pour la fabrication de ses boites métal.

  • 07/19/2011
    A new brand, new ideas and a new website, which will be regularly updated with new creations !

  • 05/23/2011
    A full collection of metal creations created with Toscara design agency, for wines & spirits, beauty and fine food.